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Good education is not the domain of strictly the affluent, and across Asia hard working students are desperate for opportunities to prove their worth in mainstream education. For this reason, Spencer International works with its outreach programmes to facilitate an equitable sharing of resources.

Rural school development in Thailand

Every month, a group of teachers spend the day at one of the economically challenged schools in the Bangkok greater region teaching English, doing crafts and sharing time and interest with the children. These trips, organised through the teacher training programme, provide language teachers a unique opportunity to share their language skills with indigent Thais at the primary school level, and is a welcome addition to these schools’ activities for their students.

Thailand school projects

Volunteer ProjectWork with rural Thai schools is an ongoing endeavour. Teachers, students and staff of Spencer International are proud of their involvement in a variety of projects and our staff have been actively involved in various projects since Nigel took time out to volunteer at Thai orphanage back in 2006.

One more recent example is a rare connection with an isolated rural community project on the far western reaches of Thailand, run by a tireless Filipino, Dada, who has created learning and work opportunities for local migrants. Sponsorship of Dada’s projects and encouraging volunteer involvement has been possible, and the dedicated work of Katie Cumbers in particular has made a real difference to dozens of children in the project. Visit the Baan Dada website, and see Katie’s blog for more information. We also have an article about Katie and her involvement.

Beach clean up team building exercise

Our teachers and trainers in-conjunction with a Thai team building event spent the day on a small island off the Pataya coast with the goal to leave the beach spotless.

School planting in rural Cambodia: corporate supervision

Spencer International was pleased to be able to participate in a school rehabilitation project. With a 3rd-party donation of less than 10,000 dollars, a classroom block of 6 classrooms was made functional in the impoverished agricultural region of Prey Veng in Cambodia. The project, which was supervised and managed by Spencer International and the Prey Veng district school committee targeted a high school which was suffering from severe classroom overcrowding.

Our long tenure in the Asian educational community, and the excellent local knowledge of the culture and educational needs has given us a unique insight into rural development projects, both in Cambodia and Thailand.

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