Schools & Colleges

Schools & Colleges

Complete material, human resource and academic support for educational institutions from kindergarten to college level.

Curriculum design and development

Solid curricula are one of the core elements of school administration, serving both as an academic framework and a coherent focus for structural support. While formalised curricula are easily available, operationalising these for ease of use by practitioners in the classroom and integration of these with assessment practices and achievable learner outcomes is easily overlooked in busy educational environments.

Our academic team are adept at working with both academic and management to create a cohesive focus for the school curricula, be it for core courses already established, or newly designed programmes. Follow-up or specific support for the implementation of curricula is also available on a semester basis.

Teacher placement and team support

MeetingThe enormous demand of teachers in the growing educational marketplace is a cause for concern for course coordinators, particularly with the increasing demand for specialist teachers.

Specialising in the training and management of large groups of teachers, our team is able to assist with recruitment, supervision and management of teaching teams to suit any educational setting. Our service includes the procurement, day-to-day organisation, academic supervision and long term professional development of the teaching team, maintaining a close dialogue with the school to ensure the successful achievement of specific educational and organisational goals.

Content and language integrated learning

Traditional language teaching methods, while effective in isolation, are increasingly seen to be valuably supplemented through integration with content based learning subjects such as mathematics, sport, science, drama, IT or through summer camp programmes. Such CLIL programmes need to strike a sensitive balance between content instruction and language development.

This specialised field of teaching may be a useful addition to a language or content learning programme. We can recommend, design and implement a number of CLIL programmes which are motivating to young learners and serve a convenient time-saving mechanism for mature learners. Contact us to find out more about our successes with such programmes and how they may be valuable in your educational environment.

Testing and assessment services

TestsAssessment serves the useful purpose of providing feedback to practitioners, administration and sponsors on progress and learning outcomes. Improperly implemented, however, testing and assessment may dominate educational practice and dislodge the primacy of the learner. Our team have a two-pronged approach to school and college assessment.

Ongoing formative assessments, designed around specific local curricula and teaching practice provide useful feedback on growth and development without infringing on daily learning routines. Training for teachers on design and implementation of these approaches can be arranged, or allow our team can take responsibility for administering these systems directly.

Internationally recognised summative testing, through Anglia Exam Syndicate, UK, is a cost-effective and reliable means of comparing standards with international norms. Following the Common European Framework, Anglia examination encompass all levels of language learners, from kindergarten to post-graduate levels. Results of these examinations offer validation of academic level and successful classroom-based outcomes. Contact us to find out about examination schedules and fees.

Other services

Teacher Development

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